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Maintaining the health of your trees, shrubs and plantings is just as important as maintaining healthy grass.

Trees and shrubs are very expensive to replace if lost and add significantly to the value of your home. At DREAM LAWN, we want to help you protect your investment.

Our tree and shrub care program is designed to incorporate IPM practices, including scouting and controlled use of pesticides to protect the environment, with pro-actively timed applications for fertilization and disease and insect control.

Dream Lawn 4 Visit

Visit 1  Early Spring
Dormant Oil Spray, Fungicide, Deep Root Fertilization

Visit 2  Early Summer
Inspection with Systemic Spray for Insect and Disease.

Visit 3  September
Inspection with Systemic Spray for Insect and Disease.

Visit 4  Late Fall
Deep Root Feeding.


Dormant Oil Spray

Applied when plants are dormant before bud break, it helps control pest problems early. Often it reduces the need for other pesticide applications later on. Dormant oil is a nontoxic spray that kills wintering forms of many pests (spider mites, aphids, scales, and leaf hoppers), by coating and suffocating them. It has little if any impact on natural enemies.


Fungus Control

Systemic fungicides are applied at bud break and reapplied at intervals to offer control of these common fungal diseases:

Benefits of Organics

  • Safer for the environment
  • No concerns with children and pets
  • Focus is on healthy soil
  • Increase beneficial microbes in soil
  • Are non-burning
  • Can be applied in droughts
  • Reduces thatch

Disadvantages vs Synthetics

  • Higher cost
  • More product required
  • Slower to green up
  • Weed control more difficult

Insect Control

For those customers who want to reduce the chemicals (synthetics) applied on the lawn, but have heavy stubborn weeds or who do not want to see any weeds. This program consists of:

  • A pre-emergent synthetic application in spring for crabgrass
  • Four organic blend fertilizer applications
  • Spot sprayed synthetic herbicide weed control
  • A specially formulated organic winterizer application

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