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  • Ants
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Lady Bugs (Asian multi-colored beetles)
  • Roaches
  • Spiders

Our perimeter pest control programs help keep unwanted pests outside your home throughout the season. At DREAM LAWN, we apply a special insect barrier that stops bugs from crossing the foundation of your home and becoming a problem inside. If insects are a problem, please call for a free inspection, identification and quotation for treatment.


Moles are not rodents. They belong to a group of mammals known as insectivores, which feed on grubs, millipedes, beetles, and their favorite- earthworms found under the soil surface. They have very high metabolic rates, needing to consume large amounts of food daily.

Moles are active day and night throughout the year but are most visibly active following rainy periods in the spring or fall. Signs of mole activity are mounded soil and heaved tunnels or runways. These tunnels often appear in areas that are watered frequently and can be seen in mulch garden or flower beds as well as throughout the turf.

We perform a preliminary site evaluation, locate the main mole runways and insert an earthworm shaped bait which mimcs the mole’s natural food source. This specialized bait is the same size, shape and feel as an earthworm. Each worm contains a lethal dose of an active ingredient and works quickly often within 24 hours. A follow-up visit is scheduled for evaluation and assessment and re-application if necessary.


GREAT GRASS cannot grow in POOR SOIL! Many grass problems are actually soil problems.

Ideal soil is comprised of 45% solids (clay, sand, soil particles), 25% air space, 25% water holding space, and 5% organic matter.


  • Application of lime or sulfur
  • Aeration and amendments
  • Customized fertilizers
  • Aeration spring and fall


  • Too low or high a pH
  • Excessively wet or dry
  • Low fertility
  • Heavy compaction

The best way to begin any problem for your lawn is to TEST YOUR SOIL.

A soil test will give information on the pH, the nutrient levels such as phosphorous and potassium, and the level of organic matter present. Recommendations can then be made as to the amount and type of fertilizers to use, whether lime or sulfut applications are needed, and whether or not top dressings of organic amendments may be needed.

There are several nutrients that are essential for plant growth. The soil test is used to determine the amount of these nutrients in the soil. The report will also identify the pH value (how acidic or basic your soil is), and will give information on the amount and type of fertilizer and/or lime we need to add for optimum plant growth.

This allows us to customize your soil fertilizer and lime applications to your plants’ needs. It will help prevent problems with nutrient deficiencies (in the case of under-fertilization) or problems associated with over-fertilization such as excessive vegetative growth, delayed maturity, salt burn and wasted money. In addition, it can protect against any environmental hazards resulting from excessive fertilizer applications.

Soil samples can be taken at any time of the year, but it is best to sample the soil a couple months before fertilizing lawns to allow ample time for the lime (if needed) to react with the soil.

Soil tests are highly recommended every 2-3 years because the soil is constantly changing.

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